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Solutions built on empathy & data

Magpie Solutions is a multidisciplinary consulting firm, primarily serving socially aware startups and high-growth organizations on their growth and neurodiversity initiatives. Your mission is of the utmost importance and we understand the impact that a neuroinclusive, well-run, operationally sound organization can have on those it touches. We want to help!

Our Services

Areas of Expertise

Magpie offers a range of consulting services that will drive revenue, improve operational efficiencies and increase scalability and profitability. 

Leadership & Management

Leadership and management consulting services to help align your vision and mission with your people and their executional output.


If your organization isn't embracing neurodiversity, all of your people suffer, productivity is constricted, and employee retention drops. 

Go-To-Market Strategy

Whether it is new innovation or an upgrade to existing solutions, it will fail without the proper Go-To-Market strategy.

Operations Consulting

If your processes and systems aren't tight, your operations will continue to keep you from scaling or being profitable.

Marketing & CX Strategy

All the best marketing tools and toys won't help your business succeed without the right marketing and CX strategy.

Sales Consulting

Whether your sale is offline, online or a combination, the right methodology, strategy and tactics are critical to success.


"Ryan is a deeply thoughtful and empathetic human being, focused on creating value in the world and doing what he can to find success at the intersection of ROI and impact. He listens. He learns. He connects on a deep level with potential customers. This means he's able to engage and connect with others. Ryan is the sort of person you come to trust as a member of an executive team. He cares deeply about team members, his family, and the wider community and ecosystem."

Tom Higley
Founder | CEO - XGenesis

Let's grab a coffee or a Zoom

The best way to start off any kind of relationship is a simple get to know you meeting. Depending on our shared locations, or current world events and the ability to meet in person or not, let's either grab a coffee or schedule a quick zoom. If there is a potential fit, and it makes sense, we can then schedule a follow-up meeting to start to roll up our sleeves, get a free evaluation and see how we may be able to work together to help your organization start to take flight.

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