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The people that we love to serve.

Organizations & Businesses That We Help

A few of the organizations and projects that we support.

Primary Areas of Focus & Expertise

Social Impact Startups

Startups that are trying to solve real-world problems, to make the world a better place, are what the world needs. These startups often operate within challenging and established systems, and need support from people who can help find the leverage points and properly attack it with the right strategies and operational frameworks. We have the know-how and the experience to help. 

Mental Wellness

Businesses that are focused on supporting the mental wellness of the people of this world, we believe, are addressing a need cannot be overstated. In this world full of challenges, people need to take care of their mental wellness, and the companies that serve them need to operate at a high level to survive. We can align with your passion and bring our unique skillset to help drive the growth and operational efficiency needed to thrive in this very competitive market.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health practices, whether they are a large group practice, a smaller group practices, or a solo practitioner, all have to successfully manage the significant demands of running a practice. Each segment of the market has its own unique challenges, strategic and tactical decisions can really impact the practice. We can help. 

Marketing Agency Services

Whether you are a digital marketing agency, an agency that sets up Hubspot instances, a social media influencer agency, or you offer creative design services, you are all in the marketing agency services space. How your business operates and manages its processes and systems, will ultimately have a significant impact on your organization's ability to grow and scale. Let us help. 

Local Services Economy

In short, since 1999, the leadership at Magpie has worked with businesses and organizations that get their customers who walk into their doors (therapists, dentists, lawyers, spas, restaurants), or the businesses walk into their homes and offices (HVAC, home remodelers, landscapers...). The local services economy is the largest sector of the world's economy and every business, market and year is different. We offer the experience and critical thinking skills needed to win in this fluid environment.

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

The social and emotional learning (SEL) space is a newer industry created out of the needs within our education system. As a result, this market is changing and evolving very quickly. The companies who know how to thrive in that environment are going to be the future leaders in this extremely critical space within our schools and communities. 

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