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Authentic Alignment,

Real Results


Proven Track Record - For over twenty years, the leadership at Magpie has been driving increased revenue growth and operational efficiencies that result in improved scalability and bigger profits.


No Nonsense Approach -  Everything we do is around the data and metrics that are most important to you and your business. No more vanity metrics, or subjective pats on the back. Establish the objectives, determine what key results are needed to achieve them, and then execute.


Our work matters, because your work matters - We understand the impact that your organization has on the world. You're not just making widgets. That is why we are focused on serving this space. We understand the passion and focus needed to ensure your organization has the impact your key stakeholders want to achieve.


Superior leadership solutions for change management - New and improved systems, processes or strategies often fail because of fear of change. When we uncover those challenges within an organization that need to be addressed, we have many years of experience in helping with leadership messaging and change management.


Guaranteed Results - Magpie doesn't enter into agreements with our customers unless we are confident that we can deliver the results we are proposing to our customers. Ask us about our results guarantee.

Magpie Solutions has over 20 years of successful leadership and management experience within the areas we provide consulting services. This hasn't just been a job for 20 years either, but this experience is from a career hyper-focused on helping others, and we believe, as a result of that approach, includes highly successful results at each step along the way. We'd like to bring that to your team as well. Learn more here about our experience.

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