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Neurodiversity Consulting

Neurodiversity naturally is happening in every single organization, including yours. (Think biodiversity as it happens in nature) Neuroinclusion is the awareness, recognition, and appreciation of the fact that there are naturally occurring variations in the human population, embracing that neurodiversity, and taking action to support all brain types, that can give your organization a workplace environment and culture that is healthier for everyone and has been proven to increases productivity and reduce employee churn. 


We all have neurological differences, which causes us all to process information differently, as well as communicate, work, and collaborate differently. There are brain types and traits that generally are more common than others, and there are some brains that fall under such labels as Autism, ADHD or dyslexia, to name a few. Unfortunately, most corporate and organizational processes and systems don't account for these neurodistinct brains. That blind spot creates significant and unnecessary friction for all employees, 


 Evaluating how your organization collectively engages with your employees can be a challenge and whether it is the support of an experienced subjective eye, or a more objective criteria-based evaluation, Magpie can help ensure you have the right people on your side, create a plan to address your needs, and help you execute against the plan to reach your objectives and goals.   

Some of the strategic and tactical approaches within this area of consultative support, whether internal or external include;

  • Neuroinclusion evalution. Let's keep this simple...Want to find out how neuroinclusive is your organization? Want to understanding how much friction, discrimination, oppression and margainization is happening to your neurodisitinct employees (which ranges somewhere from 10-50% of your peope.)? Want to get a better understanding of the nagtive impact its having on your organization, and how much change could significantly improve many critical KPI's within your organization?

  • Creating the foundational awareness, and areas specific training of the organization's entire team. (This can include stepped processes with pilots and teams based roll-outs to create a phased approach)

  • Ensuring quality processes and systems are in place for tracking output and objectively evaluating change management performance towards neuroinclusive objectives.

  • Improving and aligning company communications around DEIB and neuroinclusion objectives, both internally and externally.

  • Creating Employee Resources Groups for neurodistinct individuals and those who support neurodiversity at work initiatives.

  • Support for the creation of neurodiversity resources and policy documentation for different deparatments. 

  • Helping create an open, comfortable, transparent, honest, and objective environment for on-going evaluation.

Magpie Solutions has over 20 years of successful leadership and management experience within the areas we provide consulting services. This experience also includes well as over 20 years of experience, as a Autistic, ADHD, and Dyslexic professional. This hasn't just been a job for 20 years either, but this experience is from a career hyper-focused on helping others, and we believe, as a result of that approach, includes highly successful results at each step along the way. We'd like to bring that to your team as well. Learn more here about our experience.

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