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Go-To-Market Strategy Consulting

New products and services, or innovative changes to your current products and service need to have a solid Go-To-Market strategy. Go-To-Market efforts have to be well thought out and then tight in their execution, or that new product or service may look like a flop. You can have the best product/service, or powerful marketing campaigns or a top notch sales team, and you can have them all, but if your Go-To-Market strategy well thought out and properly planned, no matter how good the individual piece are, things will sputter and never take off like they should.

Some of the steps in creating an effective Go-To-Market effort include;


  • Evaluate current and identify the future buying center and personas.

  • Value matrix to help craft messaging.

  • Test and evaluate messaging in multivariable campaign tests.

  • Optimize your posts, ads, and landing pages based on the results of your tests before implementing them on a wide scale.

  • Use campaign data to better understand your buyer’s journey.

  • Choose sales strategy(s) and methodology and implement operations for any offline sales.

  • Build brand awareness plans and execution strategy and tactics.

  • Build strategy and tactical plans for demand generation with inbound and/or outbound methods.

  • Create content marketing strategy and operations to get inbound leads.

  • Problem identify and problem-solve to find ways to optimize your pipeline and increase conversion rates.

  • Analyze the sales cycle, and find opportunities to shorten the sales cycle.

  • Analyze all revenue generation pieces to find opportunities to reduce customer acquisition cost.

  • Analyze current customer experience to build a stronger CX strategy and find tactical ways to more effective ways to tap into your existing customer base.

  • In addition to our overall Marketing Strategy services, we also offer SaaS Product Marketing solutions as well.

Magpie Solutions has over 20 years of successful leadership and management experience within the areas we provide consulting services. This hasn't just been a job for 20 years either, but this experience is from a career hyper-focused on helping others, and we believe, as a result of that approach, includes highly successful results at each step along the way. We'd like to bring that to your team as well. Learn more here about our experience.

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