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SaaS Product Marketing

Product Marketing for a software application is critical to the overall success of an overall GTM plan and the ever-evolving revenue generation strategy. Proper product marketing ensures all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together, creating one beautiful picture, that drives demand, delights the customers and drives revenue with the least amount of friction possible 

Because of the volume of items that can be addressed during a product marketing consultative engagement, and since every market is different, for brevity's sake, we focus on strategic approaches to addressing any and all product marketing efforts with an unbiased eye for identifying problems & opportunities;


  • Product Market Fit

  • Product / Product Demo / MVP Evaluation

  • Team Member Customer Obsession Evaluation

  • Customer Related Processes & Data Systems Evaluation

  • Market & Competition Analysis

  • Complete Lifecycle Messaging 

  • Messaging Channels

  • Marketing KPIs & Operational Framework

  • OKR's Implementation

  • In addition to our overall Marketing Strategy services, we also offer Go-To-Market and SaaS Product Marketing consulting solutions as well.

Magpie Solutions has over 20 years of successful leadership and management experience within the areas we provide consulting services. This hasn't just been a job for 20 years either, but this experience is from a career hyper-focused on helping others, and we believe, as a result of that approach, includes highly successful results at each step along the way. We'd like to bring that to your team as well. Learn more here about our experience.

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